We Are Swizzler. Underline Image

As upperclassmen we realized that something was missing from our college food experience.  We craved great food, affordability, and a good-vibes-only atmosphere we could share with friends. One day we decided to do something about it.

Our idea? A company centered around the redemption of America’s greatest culinary tradition: the hotdog. We took an American staple and gave it a twist. Literally. But our signature spiral cut isn’t our only trick.  We replaced mystery meat with 100% grass-fed beef, dirty water for open flame grilling, and gave traditional toppings a much-needed makeover.  Frankly, we saw in the hot dog what Dr. Dre saw in Eminem: potential.  

Fast forward two years and you can find the Swizzler Food Truck all over the DMV, proving once and for all, you can (and should) teach an old dog new tricks.

Welcome to the Tribe.

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