Swizzler's journey began in 2014, when college friends followed a dream to launch a food truck serving spiral-cut, grass-fed beef hotdogs and hand-cut fries in Washington, D.C.

Our mission was to teach an old dog new tricks, changing the perception of the 'mystery meat' hot dog. We sourced 100% grass-fed beef hot dogs, spiral-cut each one for optimal grilling, and served them on locally-baked buns with our house-made toppings.

The original Swizzler Food Truck exclusively served our spiral-cut hotdogs (we call them ‘swizzlers’). While hotdogs will always be a part of what we do, we've realized that what we've really tapped into is something much bigger: providing the all-American eats we grew up on, without the grease or guilt of today's fast food options. That's why we've expanded our menus to truly provide 'Real American Eats.'




We can all remember the joys of our favorite childhood foods: hot dogs at the ballpark, burgers fresh off the grill at a backyard bbq, and fishing crispy french fries out of the bag from your favorite fast food joint.

But as we got older, these happy memories were replaced by fast food hangovers and nightmares inspired by Netflix documentaries about where our food comes from. Until now.

We believe that fast food can be a force for good. Our purpose is to share the joys of fast food, while leaving people and the planet for the better. We aim to raise the bar for fast food: we call it Real American Eats.




Each and every item on our menu must taste the best. The best taste comes from real ingredients. That’s why we only use 100% grass-fed, grass-finished, free-range beef raised without any additives. Additionally, we use farm-fresh toppings and locally baked buns.
From our original sauces to our unique veggie patties, we create our food in our local D.C. kitchen. We craft our recipes locally to ensure you’re getting more nutrients, the highest quality, and the freshest taste.
A sustainable planet isn't about maintaining the status quo, but reversing our impact on the environment. We strive to continuously make our business practices more sustainable. Therefore, we use compostable packaging and partner with farms who support initiatives like regenerative farming.